Marianne's Ice Cream

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Marianne's Ice Cream is one of those lovable ice cream parlors that people flock to.  Its throwback feel and unique flavors remind me of Pollyanne's in San Francisco (see post HERE).  Its dizzy array of flavors from sesame to ginger, there is something here to satisfy everyone. 

A scoop of macadamia nut and a scoop of macapuno (baby coconut) is like a tropical dream.  The macadamia nut scoop surprisingly had a good amount of macadamia nuts.  The macapuno was a little more subtle than I liked, but still not bad.

Pistachio nut was a little artificially tasting and probably the least favorite scoop of the four flavors.  However, the horchata was amazing!  I'm not a huge lover of horchata, but this scoop was milky, cinnamony and ultra smooth.  It reminds me of cinnamon toast crunch!

Address:                    Marianne's Ice Cream
                                   1020 Ocean St.
                                   Santa Cruz, CA
Type:                          ice cream

Popular chomps:        horchata
                                    Mexican chocolate
                                    baby coconut (macapuno)

Chomp worthy:           horchata     

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