Polly Ann Ice Cream

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Along with Mitchell's, Polly Ann's is another longstanding neighborhood ice cream parlor that carry Asian ice cream flavors.  With more than forty flavors to choose from, if you can't decide what you want you can opt to spin the wheel and whatever flavor the arrow lands on is the deciding flavor to eat.  Also, there is a free spot for a free scoop of ice cream! 
I love coconut ice cream, but I haven't had it in a while since I've been indulging in the more nontraditional flavors lately.  The coconut ice cream is subtly sweet with a mellow coconut flavor and bits of coconut flakes mixed in.

You can't come here without getting a tub to go.  Almost everyone that walks in gets a scoop and a tub.  They don't have a wide selection of flavors for cartons like Mitchell's, but you do have a choice of the popular Asian flavors like sesame, mango, red bean, lychee, and green tea.

Address:                 Polly Ann Ice Cream
                                3138 Noriega St.
                                San Francisco, CA
Type:                       ice cream/dessert

Popular chomps:     green tea
                                 black sesame
                                 red bean

Chomp worthy:        green tea

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