Taqueria Vallarta

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 Normally I stick to my usual spots in the Mission for Mexican food, but today I think a special trip to seek out some chicken enchiladas for a nod to the SF Giants was in order.

I can't remember the last time I ordered chicken at a taqueria or had enchiladas because its so gringo, but gotta support #rallychickenenchiladas to support the meal that Ryan Vogelsong eats before a game!  Go Giants!
Surprisingly the chicken inside the enchiladas was tender and juicy.  The rice was nice and fluffy that was almost on par with that of La Palma and El Farolito.  No complaints from me on this gringo dish.  I might have to make a second trip back here to try out the burritos and tacos.

Address:                      Taqueria Vallarta
                                     3033 24th St.
                                     San Francisco, CA 
Type:                            Mexican

Popular chomps:          tacos

Chomp worthy:            chicken enchiladas  

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