Knead Patisserie

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Bakeries seem to be popping up all over the Mission these days.  Knead Patisserie is hidden away inside Local Mission Eatery.  If you walk inside the restaurant, Knead Patisserie is all the way in the back.  All the goodies safely displayed far away from a good staring position so its somewhat hard to decide what to do get.
The cheese and herb pastry was a flaky pastry wrapped in layers of cheese and bits of herb sprinkles through the bread.  It was a little dry and I was hoping for more herb flavor.

The pommes de amore is Knead's claim to fame.  Sitting inside a flaky tart is a creamy, custard center topped with a crisp surface reminiscent of a creme brulee.  Some argue its the best upcoming pastry in SF, but this pastry has nothing on my newfound love for the kouign amann (see post HERE).   
The pastry reminds me of the dan tat (Chinese custard tart) with its creamy center and flaky crust.  The glassy sugar coated surface has a caramel crisp taste.  If you've ever had a Portuguese custard tart, its quite similar in the sweet taste and texture, though not as good as the a real one I had in Portugal (see post HERE).   

Address:                  Knead Patisserie 
                                 3111 24th
                                 San Francisco, CA
Type:                       bakery

Popular chomps:     pomme de amore
                                chocolate fleur del sel
                                cheese and herb bun  

Chomp worthy:       pomme de amore         

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