Fenton's Creamery

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So everyone knows about Fenton's now because of Pixar and movies like Up, but its been an East Bay institution long before Pixar existed.
Sometimes you are just in the mood for a traditional ice cream parlor that reminds you of your childhood.  Bonus- they even have bubblegum ice cream here.

Most people just come here for the ice cream, but Fenton's also serves up burgers and sandwiches. 
 The mini sliders came with three bite sized burgers along with curly fries that reminded me of Jack in the Box.  The sliders were decent with a fresh grilled taste.
The bacon cheeseburger was thick and satisfying with a hearty grilled taste.  The fries were surprisingly addictive with a very crispy exterior.

The ice cream sundae's are huge here.  This one is a jr size. The ice cream menu is huge here and it's somewhat hard to choose from, but the black and tan is a always a good fallback and won't let you down.  Its made with almond ice cream and vanilla ice cream and topped with a huge dollop of whipped cream and drizzled with caramel and fudge. 
If one of the many ice cream options doesn't catch you eye, then you can opt for a custom build one.  This one is mint chocolate with strawberry cheesecake topped with strawberries, and marshmallow cream.  For the mint chocolate lovers out there, the mint chocolate here is really minty.

Address:                      Fenton's Creamery
                                     4226 Piedmont Ave.
                                     Oakland, CA 
Type:                            ice cream/American

Popular chomps:         black and tan sundae
                                     banana special
                                     chili cheese fries
                                     banana special
Chomp worthy:            black and tan sundae    

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