Hooker's Sweet Treats

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Hooker's Sweet Treat is named somewhat appropriately considering its placed in the middle of the Tenderloin.  This artisanal sweet shop sells Sightglass coffee to sip on as you nibble on their sweet treats.

Besides salted caramels, .the small shop also sells cookies, and a bread pudding.  They do have one savory item - a cheddar biscuit, in case you aren't in the mood for something sweet.
The flourless chocolate cake has a nice crust of chocolate with a gooey center.  It wasn't too chocolatey to make you feel sick, but just the right amount to satisfy your sweet tooth without making you feel guilty.
The handmade salted caramels are the popular item here.  There are two flavors offered:  regular sea salt dark chocolate covered caramel), 3rd nut (caramel with cashews and almonds).  Best part is you don't have to trek to the ghetto and you can purchase them online in the safety of your own home.
Usually when I think about salted caramels I think hard, like my teeth are going to get pulled out of my mouth hard or so sticky that I spend the next hour trying to get it out of my teeth.  The salted caramels here are chewy, but so soft it actually melts in your mouth.  The sprinkle of salt gives you enough salt to make your mouth water and doesn't overpower the flavor.  Caramels are often so sweet that one is usually enough for me, but here at Hooker's they have a subtle sweetness so you can indulge in a couple more.
Address:                   Hooker's Sweet Treats
                                  442 Hyde St.
                                  San Francisco, CA
Type:                         chocolate/dessert

Popular chomps:       bread pudding
                                  salted caramel
                                  flourless chocolate cake

Chomp worthy:         salted caramel
                                   flourless chocolate cake     

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