La Parrilla Grill

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After having some lip smacking good chicken in a hole in the wall spot in Redwood City (see post HERE), I had been hoping to find something similar in the Mission.  I noticed the chicken on the grill in the side window when walking by, but it was a total fake out because the chicken only happened to be lying on the grill and not really cooking on the grill.  I only realized this after walking in and noticing it didn't smell like grilled chicken or anything grilling for that matter unlike walking into the Michocan market.  At this point I should have turned around, but I thought I would at least satisfy my curiosity.
The chicken comes in meals with a choice of different sides.  They also make burrito and plates here, but it seems to specialize in grilled chicken (pollo al carbon).

The yucca fries were one of the option of sides to choose from.  Large chunks of yucca were deep fried with a dash of salt.  Surprisingly addicting, these chunks of starch were a little more fibrous than its cousin the potato.  The dash of salt made a huge difference in taste, without it I'm sure it would be really bland.
The rice is pretty standard Mexican rice.  Nothing special going on here, but it wasn't very fluffy.  If I ever came back here, I wouldn't order this again.

The star of the meal should have been the chicken.  While it was hot in the box, I think it was microwaved after ordered then put in the box.  The chicken was dry and the skin wasn't crisp.  It was really disappointing and sad since the herb flavors on the skin didn't taste too bad.  I'm not sure when the chicken is cooked, but I think if you got there when the chicken was fresh off the grill, it could have taste potential.

The garlic sauce was a lifesaver when I slathered this all over the dry chicken.  Without this I'm not sure if I could make it past one piece of chicken.

The tortillas are nothing special here, but I didn't have high hopes for them since the tortillas in the chicken meal in Redwood City had some subpar tortillas as well.

Address:                 La Parrilla Grill
                                2801 Folsom St.
                                San Francisco, CA 

Type:                       Mexican

Popular chomps:     roast chicken meal
                                fried yucca 

Chomp worthy:       fried yucca         

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