Hoang Dat Coffee Shop

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I'm noticing that this month of October has been a big Vietnamese food month for me.  I promise that November will be more non Vietnamese spots.
Hoang Dat is another banh mi spot on my Tenderloin Vietnamese eats as well as my hunt for a satisfying Vietnamese sandwich in the city.  So far, most have been pretty disappointing and I've almost accepted that I'll have to drive across to Banh Mi Ba Le (see post HERE) in Oakland or Thanh Huong (see post HERE) in San Jose for my banh mi fix.  I've pretty much given up hope of finding a fried runny egg in a banh mi in San Francisco.
Hoang Dat is more of a coffee shop with tables of Asian men sitting around drinking coffee and tea.  I didn't see anyone eating when I walked in and even though everyone stares at you when you walk through the door, the workers are really friendly and helpful.
There are five sandwiches offered here:  combo, grilled pork, fanci pork, sardine, and meatball.  They even offer a meatball dish with a side of french bread that I'm a little sad that I didn't order (next time!).  The sandwiches prices are a lot more realistic here at a little more than $3 a piece.
The combo (dac biet) has thin slices of pate, pork, and grilled pork along with some slices of cucumbers, carrots, and daikon radish.  The bread didn't have a crispy exterior nor was it fluffy inside.  I was really disappointed since I saw that the sandwich seemed it was made with a lot of care.  The jalapeno peppers did have a nice spiciness which Saigon Sandwich does not have.   The sandwich has a weird chewiness to it. 
Usually you can't go wrong with the grilled pork, but the grilled pork is really dry here and has no flavor.  Really disappointing since I was hoping to find a hidden gem.

Address:                      Hoang Dat Coffee Shop
                                     930 Geary St.
                                     San Francisco, CA

Type:                            Vietnamese

Popular chomps:          combo (dac biet) sandwich
                                      meatball soup with french bread

Chomp worthy:            combo (dac biet) sandwich    

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