Thanh Huong

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Sometimes when I eat something, I go on huge runs where I'll try the same thing at different places.  It's so I can do a comparison while its still fresh on my tastebuds.  Right now, its banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches).  Thanh Huong is one of the few sandwich shops in San Jose that I approve of.  In a city overrun by Lee's Sandwiches, its nice to support a mom and pop store.   
It's also one of the few sandwich shops that sells banh mi for $3!  Also, bonus points to them because they do the fried egg here (extra $1).  Banh mi shops usually have the standard sandwiches (grilled pork, bbq pork, pate, jamon, etc), but often times they usually have a couple options you don't see other places.  In this case, Thanh Huong has a Chinese sausage (lap churng) and fried egg sandwich.   

Freshly made to go items are constantly restocked throughout the day.
The Chinese sausage and fried egg banh mi isn't a common appearance in most Vietnamese sandwich shop.  The fried egg isn't runny, but it does add a nice touch to the sandwich.  Not to mention the sandwiches here are huge with a good proportion of meat to veggies.  The bread here is perfect.  Crusty on the outside with very little crumbling and warm and extra fluffy on the inside.

Address:                      Thanh Huong
                                             2050 N. Capitol Ave.
                                             San Jose, CA
Type:                               Vietnamese/casual

Popular chomps:  fried egg addition
                                             anything with pate

Chomp worthy:      fried egg addition
                                             anything with pate          

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