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Pin It Now! Pho Y is my favorite pho restaurant in San Jose.  The original location in South San Jose does one thing only - pho!  So if you are looking for rice plates or even appetizer like eggrolls, you won't find them here.  Their second location in North San Jose does serve rice plates and eggrolls, but I find that the pho soup is inconsistent there.

The vegetable plate comes with basil leaves, jalapenos, bean sprouts, and lime wedges.
I ordered pho tai here (my usual order) with meat on the side. 
I don't know if its because I've been eating a lot of Pho in Oakland recently, but Pho Y doesn't taste as good to me this time around.  (see my favorite pho place HERE)  The soup broth is cloudy with a sweeter taste (more anise flavored).  The noodles sat on the bottom of the bowl in a clumpy mess.  It still hits the spot and I haven't found a better place in San Jose, but I still think Pho Ao Sen in Oakland is 100x better.     

Address:                         Pho Y 1
                                               1660 E Capital Expressway
                                               San Jose, CA
Type:                                 Vietnamese

Popular chomps:   Pho 

Chomp worthy:        Pho Tai         

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