Kee Wah Bakery

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The South Bay has some delicious Asian bakeries.  A couple days ago I did a post on my favorite Japanese bakery (see post HERE).  Kee Wah is my favorite Chinese bakery in the South Bay area.  Right when you walk into this bakery you smell the heavenly scent of fresh baked breads and pastries.  They keep baking small batches throughout the day so no need to rush in there early in the morning.  Sheng Kee, which is actually located in the same plaza, is another popular Chinese bakery, but this place is 100xs better!  Everything at Kee Wah is fresh and delicious, whereas I find some of the Sheng Kee's items stale and dry in comparison.   
The small trays of both savory and sweet goodies change every couple of months, but there are a handful of regular items.  Both savory and sweet items are delicious here.  You can taste the freshness in each of the baked items here.  The breads are sweet and fluffy. 

Chinese sponge cake always a popular item.  Its spongy, fluffy texture with a never too sweet taste is always a great snack.  When I was a kid, this is was more commonly seen in a cake formation, but the smaller individual muffin-like portions seem to be the norm in the Chinese bakeries these days.

All the baked good are delicious here, but what they are most known for is their pineapple bun.  Its named for its pineapple looking surface, but actually doesn't have any pineapple flavor at all.  The crunchy crust is the best part, but the fluffy inside is good as well.  It's like a Chinese muffin.  Kee Wah bakery has the best pineapple buns in the Bay Area.  Yes, even better than the bakeries in Chinatown.  Its partly because the turnover here allows for the freshest batches possible.  Eat this!
Address:                Kee Wah Bakery
                               386 Barber Ln.
                               Milpitas, CA

Type:                      Asian/bakery/Chinese

Popular chomps:    pineapple bun
                                sponge cake
                                cake roll

Chomp worthy:       pineapple bun
                                sponge cake
                                cake roll

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