New England Lobster

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New England Lobster has to be up there on my list of hardest foods to get my hands on in the Bay Area.  First of all, its in South City in the most random area.  Then they used to only be open M-F during lunchtime hours and when I tried to go there on a Monday they switched their opening days to Tues through SATURDAY!  By the way, their wholesale distribution store is still open Monday through Saturday, but the food truck is only open Tuesday through Saturday.  Apparently during the weekdays it gets pretty busy, but I went on Saturday and there were less than 10 people eating.
They keep it simple and to the point.  On a Saturday afternoon, the only a choices were a crab sandwich, lobster corn chowder, and, of course, lobster rolls. 
The lobster roll comes with a small scoop of coleslaw and a side of chips.  Probably the first step after opening the box is putting aside the bag of chips because who is really going to eat that anyways when you have a lobster roll in front of you.  I was hoping for heaping, overflowing chunks of lobster in the sandwich since New England Lobster IS a wholesale distribution store, but it sufficed.  The lobster is lightly tossed in mayo and stuffed into a toasted, buttered Texas toast.  No frills added, this sandwich is all lobster.  Plump and juicy bits of sweet lobster in every bite.  The coleslaw wasn't bad either.  It had raisins, which is a negative in my book, but I successfully ate around them.   
For those who didn't want to spring for the lobster sandwich (although I'm not sure why you would come to a place called New England lobster and get something other than lobster), they have a crab sandwich.  A generous portion of shredded crab salad is placed between two toasted pieces of sliced sourdough.  Nothing special to me, I preferred the lobster sandwich over this.
    The lobster corn chowder is deliciously sweet, creamy, and rich.  I was pleasantly surprised to see small chunks of lobster and sweet corn nuggets in some spoonfuls of soup.  Not as much as I would have liked, but still tasty nonetheless. 

Address:                       New England Lobster
                                             170 Mitchell Ave.
                                             South SF, CA
Type:                               seafood/sandwich

Popular chomps:  lobster roll
                                  crab sandwich
                                              lobster corn chowder

Chomp worthy:     lobster roll
                                              lobster corn chowder

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