Clover Bakery & Cafe

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Clover bakery is one of my favorite bakeries in the South Bay.  Its a Japanese bakery located in the Mitsuwa shopping center. Make sure you grab some goodies in Mitsuwa if you make a stop here.  Clover bakes their own pastries and breads in house.
They have sweet pastries as well as savory.  As much as I love a good sweet snack, the savory snacks are the winners here.  It's not your average ham and cheese croissants here.  You'll find things like cheese corn bread, tonkatsu sandwiches, and even chow mein buns. 

The spaghetti bun is one of my favorites here.  So simple and delicious, it makes you wonder why you never thought to do this as a kid.  Spaghetti is stuff into a small, sweet bun and topped with slices of hot dogs.  The spaghetti sauce they use is sweet in flavor and reminds me of Spaghetti O's.  Biting into one of these buns is like being seven again.
I usually have a hard time deciding between the katsu bun, the croquette bun, or the menchi burger.  All things fried, of course.  This time I was good and only gave into the croquette burger.  I love the buns here.  They are super soft and fluffy with a hint of sweetness that works so well with all these savory fillings.  The croquette burger is no exception,  The deep fried potato, a popular Japanese appetizer, is the main filler for this small bun.  The crunchy outside with soft potato filling wrapped in the fluffy bread makes for the perfect snack. 

 Address:               Clover Bakery & Cafe
                              4342 Moorpark Ave.
                              San Jose, CA
Type:                    Japanese/bakery/Asian

Popular chomps:  spaghetti bun
                              katsu bun
                              croquette bun
                              chow mein sandwich
                              okonomiyaki sandwich
                              jalapeno hot dog

Chomp worthy:     spaghetti bun
                              katsu bun       
                              all things savory

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