Naan 'N' Curry

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There's probably a huge list of places that have better Indian food than Naan 'N' Curry, but it has a special place in my heart.  Not only does it have what I think is the best naan in the Bay Area, the O'Farrell location is open till 4a everyday.  When you need a change between the bacon wrapped hot dogs and El Farolito burritos, Naan 'N' Curry is addition to that rotation.  After midnight, the loud music, techno music, and people dancing makes it a nice after hours spot when you still want the party to go on.  Just be warned that you will smell like Indian food, even if you only step in for a moment. 
One thing that this place does right is the naan.  The garlic naan is my favorite.  When you can get it freshly made, the naan is pure perfection - fluffy and warm. 
One of my main staples here is the lamb vindaloo.  It's not the best lamb vindaloo I've ever had, but it always hits the spot, especially at 3a.  The boneless lamb pieces and potato chunks have a little kick from the spices.
One of the best kept secrets at Naan 'N' Curry is their haleem.  Haleem is a slow cooked mixture lentils, barley and beef that is popular around Ramadan.  Because haleem can take a long time to make they only serve it on the weekends and even then it seems to be sporadically.  If you've never had it, I suggest trying here!    

Address:                         Naan 'N' Curry 
                                               336 O'Farrell St
                                               San Francisco, CA    

Type:                         Indian

Popular chomps:    lamb vindaloo
                                               garlic naan

Chomp worthy:         lamb vindaloo
                                               garlic naan

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