Dan Sung Sa Restaurant

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Dan Sung Sa is one of my favorite late night spots in the East Bay.  I've spent many a late night here in my youth feasing on Korean food and soju.  Before Yelp, it was one of those dirty, dark secrets on the not-so-great part of Telegraph Ave that you knew you would just end up after a night of going out (it closes at 3a) or on the way to a night of karoking located down the street.  Affectinately, called "Porno's" because of all the posters and pictures plastered all over the place.  The signage is a new thing, only after Yelp emerged did I find out its real name.  Its a pretty Korean spot, which means it follows the "standard" environment - not gonna go into detail, but if you've been to these spots you know what I'm referring to.

The two sided menu filled with standard Korean pub fare.
The soju flavors they have here are : aloe, strawberry, yogurt, peach, and pineapple.  Strawberry is the best, but peach and yogurt are pretty popular.  Its always a must to have soju... 

...or OB (they have Hite also).  If you don't want to get in touch with your inner Korean, then they have Pyramid Hef and Blue Moon on tap. 
Hot and glistening with buttery and cheesey goodness (but more buttery I'm sure), Korean cheese corn is a must!  Kernels of sweet corn mixed with butter and cheese, calories is not something you want to think about when eating this.  Just enjoy and think about the gym tomorrow.

The kim chee fried rice here is awesome.  The runny egg plus spam and hot dog pieces make it.  It's more on the sweet and tangy side versus spicy.  Especially delicious after a couple pitchers of OB and soju.
Few places in the Bay Area do whole Korean Fried chicken or maybe most of them do, but since I'm not Korean I don't have access to the secret menu.  Actually, the whole fried chicken wasn't on the menu before and you had to special order it (in Korean).  It comes to your table piping hot with the skin so crispy its worth burning your fingers a little to pick off some pieces.  Served with pickled radishes, jalapenos, and seasoned salt.   

Address:                     Dan Sung Sa Restaurant
                                           2775 Telegraph Avenue
                                           Oakland, CA

Type:                             Korean

Popular chomps: strawberry soju
                                            whole fried chicken
                                            cheese corn
                                            kim chee fried rice
                                            spicy fried chicken

Chomp worthy:    strawberry soju
                                           whole fried chicken
                                           cheese corn
                                           kim chee fried rice      

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