Urban Burger

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I'm still trying to finish my list of burger eats in the city before the summer is over.  Next on the list was Urban Burger in the Mission.  I've never seen this place  
Along with some specialty burgers, you can also customize your own burger similar to The Counter.  They have a Texas Toast bun option for the burgers here and Texas Toast grilled cheese! 
Whats a burger without a shake to go with it...  Believe it or not, but this was a Neapolitan shake.  A little miffed by the appearance of the shake (was expecting the 3 distinct layers), but still tasty nonetheless.  Every sip was a different flavor experience.  Sometimes a strawberry-chocolate, then others just a vanilla.  They use Mitchell's ice cream to make these frosty shakes.   
With every burger you get a choice of regular fries or salad.  You have the option of upgrading to a mixed half and half order of sweet potato/regular fries, onion rings/regular fries, or onion rings/sweet potato fries.  Both the sweet potato fries and the regular fries were a little on the bland and soggy side.

I'm not sure if I really liked the idea of having to put the burger together.  The whole point of getting a burger is because you don't want to prepare any food...

All the patties are cooked to medium well unless specified.  This one was requested medium rare because pink is always better.  The burger overall was average at best.  The flavorless meat was a little dry despite being cooked to a perfect medium rare.

Urban burger does not disappoint the vegetarians of SF. 
I love eggplant anything!  The eggplant sandwich here consists of thick, huge slices of eggplant (too chewy) with roasted red peppers (too sweet).  Opted for the avocado addition, which made this disappointing sandwich edible.
Urban Burger supports eating your veggies with a salad option instead of fries.  I was a little hesitant about having a salad in a fast food burger spot , but the vegetables here are fresh and crisp.  The salad makes you feel a little less guilty about ordering a burger.
Address:                        Urban Burger
                                              581 Valencia St.
                                              San Francisco, CA
Type:                                burger/American

Popular chomps:  classic
                                              sweet potato fries

Chomp worthy:      nothing           

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