Citizen's Band

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Comfort food that seriously satisfies.  This mac and cheese is probably some of the best mac and cheese I've had in a while.  The macaroni in this dish is soaked with thick, flavorful cheddar and baked in bechemel.  The square of mac and cheese has burnt, crispy sides and as if it couldn't get any better - it's topped with deep fried onion rings.    
I was actually glad for the stone fruit salad.  The bitterness from the wild arugula help to cut the richness from the mac and cheese.  Slices of lomo embuchado on the bottom of the salad gave the light salad it's salty flavor.  It was a nice salad to refresh the palette for more of the rich flavors to come.
Ad Hoc's fried chicken is still probably my favorite fried chicken in the world (to date), but this chicken is a close second.  The batter is seasoned well and fried even better.   My teeth bit into some of the juiciest chicken I've eaten in a while.  Every piece was juicy.  The biscuits, however, were dry and forgettable.  The salad even more so.  The lettuce was limpy and drowned in dressing.  It was surprising to see such disappointing sides share a plate with  such a unbelievable fried chicken.   
The burger is one of the most popular items here.  It comes with an option of an egg, bacon, grilled onions, cheese, grilled mushrooms, and jalapenos.  The medium cooked burger was dry and kind of flavorless even with all the toppings.  As enticing as the runny egg was, it didn't have ooze that yolky goodness.  Surprisingly, the only flavor I could distinctly taste in the burger was the jalapenos.  It was almost as if the meat was doused simmered in the juice from the jalapenos, which gave a surprising kick.

Almost in a full food coma, I forced myself to power through at least one dessert.  The chocolate pot de creme with a layer of banana mousse, bruleed bananas, and crunchy bits just seemed like it could be the perfect ending to a dinner of comfort food.  A little too sweet on the top and then too dull on the bottom of the jar for me.  It's ok though, I was still proud of myself for getting halfway through it.

Address:                       Citizen's Band
                                             1198 Folsom St
                                             San Francisco, CA
Type:                               American

Popular chomps:  burger
                                             fried chicken
                                             mac and cheese

Chomp worthy:      fried chicken
                                             mac and cheese    

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