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Iberia is the most authentic Spanish restaurant I had outside of Spain.  I love how the tapas are reminiscent of the dishes I ate in Spain.

Iberia gives you sliced bread upon seating,  but make sure you have them give you the cheese bread.  These bite sized biscuits are warm and fluffy with hints of cheese in each bite. 

Papas bravas is a common item on all tapas menus.  The potatoes here are a little softer than I like.  Also, the spicy aioli was a little too creamy.
Usually, I'm not a fan of bacon or dates, but these grilled bacon wrapped dates was a combination made in heaven.  The grilling made the dates ooze a sweet syrup that complimented the salty bacon.
croquettes con jamon.  Deep fried mashed potatoes with savory bits of ham.
Gambas a la plancha.  These shrimps were grilled with garlic and parsley. 
The paella here takes at least 20 minutes so order as soon as you get seated!  Also, you must have a minimum of two orders to order paella (the picture is two orders).  I love the paella here.  The seafood paella was filled with shrimp, mussels, assorted seafood, and chunks of chicken.  The saffron infused rice soaks up the flavors of the seafood well.  The rice is perfectly cooked, not mushy or dry. 

Address:                       Iberia
                                            1026 Alma St
                                            Menlo Park, CA

Type:                               Spanish/tapas/Basque

Popular chomps:  paella
                                             cheese bread
                                             bacon wrapped dates
                                             ham croquettes

Chomp worthy:      paella
                                             bacon wrapped dates
                                             cheese bread
                                             ham croquettes           

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