Sing Sing Sandwich Shop

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I'm slowly making my way through all the Vietnamese spots in the Tenderloin.  Of course, following the normal safety precautions for wandering around the TL:  walk around when its bright out, walk with a purpose, and no eye contact.  
This slightly underground sandwich shop actually only serves one type of sandwich - pork.  So no tofu or grilled chicken here - head up to Saigon Sandwiches for that.  The atmosphere here is a lot more authentic.  Paris by Night playing on the tvs and tables of Vietnamese men sitting around drinking coffee.
The sandwich prices are also more authentic at $3 a piece.  I've noticed the popularity of Yelpers have driven up Banh Mi prices to almost $5, which I think will be my turnoff for Vietnamese sandwiches.  Gone are the preYelp days of $1 Vietnamese sandwiches..
The sandwiches here are made to order. A thin slice of pork, some pate, crispy cucumbers, daikon, and carrots are stuffed into the bread.  The bread has a thin crip exterior texture, but not in a good way.  It lacks the fresh fluffy texture of a good banh mi.  The meat seems to be a little more preserved with MSG since I found myself thirsty a little after eating this sandwich.  Cheaper than Saigon Sandwiches and no line give it some points, but even though I'm not a huge fan of Saigon Sandwiches, its still better than this place.

Address:                     Sing Sing Sandwich Shop
                                    309 Hyde St.
                                    San Francisco, CA

Type:                           Vietnamese

Popular chomps:          combo (da biet) sandwich

Chomp worthy:            nothing  

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