Michoacan Produce (Pollo al carbon)

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Inside this little Mexican market is one of my favorite 2012 hidden gems so far.  Painted all over the small market are pictures of chickens, which hints at the yumminess going on inside.  When you walk in head towards the right side (the fish counter) and you can order up a pollo al carbon meal for $16.95.  Each meal includes a whole barbequed chicken, side of rice, beans, tortillas, and some salsa.  Not only is a ridiculously good deal, the chicken is superb! 

Check out that freshly barbequed chicken (carbon al pollo)!  It seems like it varies when they start grilling the chicken.  I've been here at 1:30p as well as 11:30a (weekdays) and they were grilling the chicken.  You can call ahead to see what time they are grilling that day.  The smell is heavenly.      

It's a generous portion of chicken and it seems larger than a whole chicken.  The meat, even the breast meat, is juicy and tender with hints of smokiness from the grill.  The crispy bits of skin is flavored with garlic and other seasonings. 

A huge stack of tortillas are provided for wrapping up the chunks of chicken.  The tortillas are nothing spectacular.  Tastes like the standard store bought flour tortillas.  La Palma tortillas make this meal even better, if you could get ahold of them.

The rice is fluffy, but a little bland.  Nothing special about the rice.

At first glance, these beans looks like nothing special.  Definitely the best of the included sides.  The beans are firm, but still tender.  They have a smokey flavor with a slight kick from the jalapeno bathing in the gravy.
The salsa they give has a sweet, smokey flavor.  I preferred it without the salsa.  It masked the great flavor from the chicken.

Address:                        Michoacan Produce Market
                                           3380 Middlefield Rd.
                                           Menlo Park, CA 

Type:                               market/barbeque

Popular chomps:      pollo al carbon

Chomp worthy:         pollo al carbon      

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