Sancho's Taqueria

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Sancho's (the original location) was nestled deep in the neighborhoods of Redwood City.  Its a trek to drive all the way up here.  I hoped that the decision I made to eat at the original location versus the Palo Alto branches would be worth it.

These days it seems like everyone has a twist on fries.  Sancho's is no exception.  A daily special of mole fries.  The fries were thick and very potatoey with a light crisp.  The mole was much too sweet and overwhelming.  I managed to eat all the fries that were untouched by the sweet sauce.

 Pastor (pork) taco.  Two tortillas here which is nice and the pastor is one of the better ones I've had so far on my journey through the Peninsula taquerias, though nothing to be excited about.  It lacks the spice kick from the marinade.

Carne asada is probably one of the more popular meats in taquerias, but I have yet to find a place on the penisula that serves a properly flavored piece of beef.  Sancho's adds to that pile of disappointment.

The carnitas taco had good flavor, but lacked the grilled texture.  Too tender and soft to be considered real carnitas.
A solid, but pricey fish taco.  Generous chunks of fried fish in a flour tortilla with a light drizzle of baja sauce.  Refreshing without the greasiness.

Mexican corn (elote) was one of the daily specials on the blackboard.  I haven't a good piece of elote since they closed up Dona Tere's cart in the Mission.  Elote is Mexican corn on the cob, which is usually dusted very generously with a thick layer of salt, chili powder, butter, cheese (queso fresco), lemon/lime juice, mayo, and sour cream (crema).  This one was a little skimpy.

Address:                        Sancho's Taqueria
                                              3205 Oak Knoll Dr.
                                              Redwood City, CA

Type:                                Mexican

Popular chomps:  fish tacos
                                             carne asada

Chomp worthy:       fish tacos           

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