Pizzetta 211

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Pizzeria Delfina is my #1 favorite in the Bay Area, but Pizzetta 211 is definitely up there.  The small, quaint atomsphere at Pizzetta and their delicious pizzas make it worth driving all the way to the Richmond district.  Eating here makes you feel like you are eating in someone's kitchen.  It only has about 4-6 tables with a couple of those tables located outside so there can be a wait sometimes.  I suggest going here in the middle of the afternoon, around 3p,  if you don't want to wait.  I like to sit at the counter because you can watch them making the pizza.  There are about 6 types of pizzas on the menu made with seasonal ingredients and are changed weekly.   

The classic margarita pizza at Pizzetta is one of my favorites in the city and I've eaten a lot of them.  The style of pizza at Pizzetta is thin and crispy.  I love how a basil paste is used here instead of the leaves, which allows more of the taste in every bite.

Pizzetta usually has at least one pizza with a farm fresh egg on the menu.  Get it!  They put TWO perfectly runny, oozing eggs on top of the pizza, while many places only serve one, so there's twice as many runny yolks to dip your pizza in.  The farm egg, bacon, ricotta, green garlic, and fava leaf pizza is delicious.  All the ingredient balance well together and each bite keeps you wanting more.  It's hard to decide which I like better, this pizza or the margarita. 

Address:                         Pizzetta 211
                                               211 23rd. Ave.
                                               San Francisco, CA
Type:                                 pizza

Popular chomps:    margarita (tomato, basil, mozzarella) 
                                    any pizza with farm fresh eggs

Chomp worthy:        margarita
                                               farm egg, bacon, ricotta, green garlic, and fava leaf pizza         

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