Mar y Tierra Taqueria

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 Mar y Tierra (sea and land) Taqueria is a little farther than the central Middlefield taquerias I've been visiting, but its definitely the busiest one I've encountered in the area.   
From right to left:  al pastor, carne asada, carnitas.  $1.45 each here for the standard meats.  Nothing special about any of the meats.  The pastor didn't even come spicy.  Although not the greatest, its one of the better tasting tacos I've had so far in the penisula, but that's not saying much.    

One of the daily specials was the barbacoa taco ($2.00).  The preparation was totally different than the regular tacos.  It came lightly fried and crispy.  Inside the taco was stewed shredded beef with a slight sweet sauce. Onions and cilantro were served on the side versus on the taco.  Totally worth the extra upcharged taco cost and the only thing I would actually come back and order here. 

For the mar ("sea") part, I did partake in a super shrimp burrito.  It tasted a little bland and felt like it was missing something.   

Address:                      Mar Y Tierra Taqueria
                                            1475 Broadway
                                             Redwood City, CA

Type:                               Mexican

Popular chomps:  super carne asada burrito
                                              lunch special (3 tacos, rice and beans)

Chomp worthy:       taco de barbacoa   

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