Park Tavern

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Definitely bigger than their sister restaurant, Marlowe, it was still surprisingly difficult to score a table midweek without reservations.  Even all the famed Mission spots I had been to were able to do walk ins without a problem.  Park Tavern does have plenty of bar seating that serves full menu.  The menu is pretty similar to Marlowe and they also offer some of Marlowe's more popular dishes: Brussels sprout chips, Marlowe burger, and a similar chicken dish.  Check out my post on Marlowe HERE  
Paper thin lemon chips with burrata and pea tendrils.  I thought the lemon chips would be too tart for the creamy, delicate burrata, but they were sliced so paper thin that only a hint of lemon shone through the delicious burrata.  Not sure what was going on with the pea tendrils on the side of the plate.  It was neither attractive or necessary in this dish. 

The AQ uni (today's price $18).  A creamy bite of uni, but nothing spectacular.
Deviled Eggs at Park Tavern - #91 on 2012 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
I'm not usually a fan of deviled egg, but these were savory and made me actually debate on ordering another.  The deviled egg with a sliver of bacon and a pickled jalapeno and generous sprinkling of chives was like breakfast summed up in one bite.

Having had both the burger and a similar version of the chicken at Marlowe, I decided on the grilled pork chop with baby turnips and carmelized apples.  Super tender, juicy pork chop.  Almost as good as Nopa's, but a little fattier than I like.

Park Tavern offers a whimsical dessert option - Birthday Cake!  Every month they change the type of cake they offer, but if you come at the end of the month or the beginning of the month they have the current and the prior month's cake as well.  This month's was cappuccino cake with coffee butter cream frosting.  Dense with a slight spring, this cake easily satisfies the sweet tooth without being overly sweet.
  Not sure what was more odd, the fernet float or drinking out of a metal straw.  One of two of their "boozy" floats.  Basically a adult version of an ice cream float with alcohol.  This one was fernet ice cream with ginger beer.  I love fernet and this is the first food item I've seen with fernet.  At first sip, the taste of fernet hits pretty hard, but the ginger beer starts slowly melting the fernet ice cream into a surprisingly delicious combination.  

Address:                        Park Tavern
                                              1652 Stockton St.
                                              San Francisco, CA

Type:                                American

Popular chomps:   deviled eggs
                                              "Marlowe" burger
                                               Brussels sprout chips
                                               lemon chips and burrata
                                               Poulet Rouge (chicken)                              

Chomp worthy:        pork chop
                                               deviled eggs
                                               lemon chips and burrata       

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