Mission Bowling Club

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Finally after much anticipation, Mission Bowling has opened.  I'd say most people were more excited by another Anthony Myint establishment (Commonwealth, Mission Chinese Food, and Mission Street Food) than by the bowling alley.
Much like Lucky Strike, its a 21+ bowling alley with a full service bar and restaurant.  Also, full menu is served outside, which I didn't realize until after I left. 

There are a handful of tables on the second story with a full view of the bar and the bowling alley.  Reservations are taken on their website for the restaurant.

Only 6 lanes here, but you can reserve lanes via their website as well.  Now onto the food...

 Labeled as home fries on the menu, but more like halves of small potatoes.  Served with a side of romesco and aioli, these potatoes were amazing.  Crispy on the outside, but steamy soft on the inside.  Surprisingly addicting.  The sauces were also delicious.

Playfully plated, both the corn dog and the fried chicken were served on excess wood pieces from the bowling lanes.  Pork and fennel sausage battered and deep fried into snack size bites on a stick.  I wish the batter was fluffier and had more flavor.

Fried chicken on a stick served with a side of ranch dip.  Can't get any more American than that.  The fried chicken was crispy and tender, but I wasn't a fan of the ranch dressing.  It was missing that zippiness.
 The burger is possibly the ultimate draw of this whole place.  I've been lucky to have tasted this ($8) burger when it was served from the modest confines of Duc Loi Supermarket in the Mission.  Fast forward to today and add on the now $15 price tag (happy hour its $10) and I'm able to taste this famed burger yet again.  Resurrected and sserved with Monterey Jack cheese, caramelized onions, and caper aioli, the biggest difference between this burger and other burgers is the meat.  It's 1/2 aged, granulated patty.  When you take a bite of this burger, there is no question that you are wolfing down chunks of meat.  Best word to describe this burger is meaty.  It was a touch saltier than I remembered from its Duc Loi days.  The fries are reminsiecnt of Zuni's thin, crunchy fries. 

 Cinnamon crunchy toast with vanilla ice cream for dessert.  A thick piece of Texas toast thats been toasted to form a thick carmelized glaze on the top.  Cinnamon and sugar have been sprinkled on top to give the toast some sweetness and crunch.  It was swimming in a soup of what tasted like melted vanilla ice cream.  Absolutely lip smacking delicious.  Something so simple thats so good.  

Address:                      Mission Bowling Club
                                            3176 17th St.
                                            San Francisco, CA

Type:                              American/burger

Popular chomps: burger

Chomp worthy:     burger      
                                            cinnamon crunchy toast    
                                            home fries                

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