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This quick service Vietnamese spot in Palo Alto's Town & Country Village is headed by Grace Nguyen of Out The Door (Bush Street).  It definitely has a lot of logistical kinks to work out.  A huge line out the door, but not because its so popular.  More like all the orders were getting messed up and having to be redone.  Took a couple tries to get my orders in my hands, only to find out that they left out something, but I was already over it by then.

 The semi customizable checklist menu allows you to choose your own meat, and vegetables along with special toppers.  Overall, a nice array of options, but no description of ingredients are listed.  This left most of the people in line to ask themselves what each item was.

 A pretty pricey lunch box option even for Palo Alto.  With a couple of add ons, this came out to almost $10.  Short grain brown rice + chicken (six spice blend) + wok steamed vegetables + all box toppers + carmel egg (extra $.95) with  Miss Jones' Sriacha.  The chicken was surprisingly tender, juicy, and flavorful, but the special sriacha wasn't nothing special.  It was very similar to the hot sauce found on tables in Chinese restaurants.  Carmel egg possibly had a hint of sweetness, but I couldn't really tell.

The shrimp spring rolls were located at the front refrigerator and was more of a grab item than a freshly made roll.  The shrimp rolls were nothing special, albeit quite small.  I wasn't a fan of the peanut sauce - much too creamy and bland.  

Rice noodles +Garlic Soy Glazed beef + wok steamed vegetables + all box toppers.  The beef was tender and flavorful.

Address:                       Asian Box
                                             855 El Camino Real
                                             Ste 21
                                             Palo Alto, CA

Type:                               Vietnamese

Popular chomps:  chicken

Chomp worthy:      chicken

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