Duc Loi Kitchen @ Duc Loi Supermarket

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Duc Loi, the humble beginnnings of THE Mission Burger (now housed at Mission Bowling Club see post HERE), is now giving fruit to Vietnamese sandwiches in their kitchen.  Things to remember when ordering at Duc Loi Kitchen:  First walk up to the food counter (the meat counter), which is located on your left as you walk into the supermarket.  After placing your order and getting your food then proceed to the food checkout counter to pay. 

$5 for a Vietnamese sandwich here!  Almost goes against everything that I believe in!  What happened to the days of $1 Vietnamese sandwiches?  Five different sandwiches served here:  Authentic Vietnamese (combination), Vegetarian tofu and portabella (only in SF do you see such options for Vietnamese food), Pork BBQ, Chicken BBQ, and fried chicken.

For those who always ask whats in a combination.  Duc Loi disects it down for you.
 I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sandwiches were packed full of meat and veggies. 

Check out the layers of fried chicken in the sandwich.  I guess it makes the $5 price tag on this sandwich somewhat okay.  Not as crispy as I would have liked, but still decent.  The insane amount of chicken made me wish for more veggies to balance it out.  All you can taste is fried chicken, which isn't seasoned well.  It was missing that tanginess from the pickled vegetables and the spicy kick from the jalapenos.  Not really a Vietnamese sandwich.

After taking a bite of the fried chicken sandwich, I wasn't expecting much, but this sandwich was much better.  The pork was tender and flavorful, much like the grilled pork found commonly found on rice plates.  Loved the hint of lemongrass in the bbq pork. 

Address:                        Duc Loi Kitchen
                                              2200 Mission St.
                                              San Francisco, CA

Type:                                Vietnamese/Sandwich

Popular chomps:   fried chicken sandwich

Chomp worthy:         pork bbq with lemongrass sandwich      

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