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Homeroom serves up a huge variety of mac and cheeses:  spicy, white cheddar, and even chorizo.

Their home made root beer is worth a try if you like root beer.  The strong flavor of root really resonates in every sip especially in the after taste.
Homeroom serves up a handful of brunch items on the weekends from 11a-3p.  The breakfast mac is the only brunch mac and cheese.  Creamy cheddar based mac and cheese mixed with bacon and top with a runny egg.  I added the bread crumbs for extra crunch.  The egg wasn't as runny as I would have liked and the bacon could use more salty smokey flavor.
Super cheesy with bits of hot dog and topped with potato chip crumbles.  They use thicker macaroni here, which works well with the creamy sauce. 
Banana cream pie served in a mason jar with slices of banana, drizzles of caramel and vanilla wafers.  Good banana flavor, but the consistency was too thin for my taste.

Address:                          Homeroom
                                                400 40th St.
                                                Oakland, CA 
Type:                          American

Popular chomps:     Trailer mac
                                                Mexican mac
                                                 homemade root beer
                                                 spicy mac        

Chomp worthy:         Trailer mac        

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