Taqueria Sinaloa

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 I've been feening for some good tacos, especially since the ones in Redwood City haven't been meeting my expectations.  I had been feeling like I've been eating a lot of disappointing sub par tacos these days.  So I had to hop over to East Oakland, where the food rarely fails me.  Taqueria Sinaloa did not disappoint.  Bonus points for being close to the freeway if ever in need of a quick snack.
No need to grab and go, there's a small sitting area with tables and chairs to sit and enjoy your taco.

The taco truck menu.  The tacos are $1.25 here except for tripe, which is $1.75.  

The tacos here come on two perfectly griddle corn tortillas - so perfect that they have a nice crunch to them.  From bottom left;clockwise: carnitas, al pastor, carne asada, chorizo.

While all the tacos were delicious, the carnitas taco shines above them all.  Shredded pork made into a small thin patty and griddle to create a crispy top layer.  Almost reminiscent of corned beef hash.  The crunchy bits of the carnitas along with the crispy tortillas makes this taco one of the best tacos I've eaten in my life and that's a lot of tacos.
The chorizo taco was covered in mounds of sweet tasting chorizo. 

The griddled crunch of the tortilla makes all the difference in a taco and gives it that extra special touch.  The al pastor meat was more sweet than spicy, but I could not help but comment over the wonderful crispy tortilla.

 Not the best carne asada I've had in my life, but above average flavor and well seasoned. 

Upon ordering at the first truck, I spotted this truck across the parking lot.  It says Mariscos Sinaloa (seafood), so I had thought it would be all seafood, but actually its the same menu as the first truck with a couple addional seafood items. 

The menu on the mariscos truck.  It's pretty much the same except for the shrimp burrito, shrimp taco, fish taco, tostadas, and seafood cocktails.

The fish taco is lightly breaded with a small scoop of salsa.  The fish was really fresh and light, but I preferred the taste of the meat tacos over the seafood.  

 Sinaloa isn't shy about piling on the tostadas with shrimp.  Each plump, juicy shrimp was marinated in a sweet sauce and mixed with cucumbers, onions, and cilantro.

Address:                     Taqueria Sinaloa
                                           2138 International Blvd
                                           Oakland, Ca

Type:                             Mexican

Popular chomps: tacos (all meats)

Chomp worthy:     carne asada taco
                                            carnitas taco
                                            al pastor taco                            

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