Giordano Bros

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It's not Primanti Bros, but it does serve up a version of their famed Pittsburgh sandwich. 

Assortment of condiments for your sandwich.  Yes, they have crystal hot sauce!

 Not exactly the largest portion of meat when you think of a hearty sandwich, but the coppa (cured Italian ham) packs a strong flavor.  You can add extra meat if you still feel unsatisfied.  At first the thick bread looks overwhelming, but the fluffy layer holds the tangy slaw, french fries, and meat together till the last bite.  The only downside was I wished the slaw had more tangy vinegar. 

Hot copicola with a fried egg (extra $.50). 

How can you make this sandwich any better or add more calories?  Add a fried egg.  Capicola (spicy cooked Italian ham) offered slight more meat than the coppa sandwich, but still had a nice salty flavor.  The sandwiches are definitely better with the fried egg, but some runniness in the egg would have been even better.  I'm not one to put extras on my sandwich, but I found that the Crystal hot sauce gave it a nice kick. 

Address:                          Giordano Bros
                                                3108 16th St.
                                                San Francisco, CA

Type:                                  sandwiches/sport bar

Popular chomps:    hot capicola sandwich
                                                coppa sandwich

Chomp worthy:         hot capicola sandwich
                                                coppa sandwich         

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