Craftsman & Wolves

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Craftsman & Wolves has been open for about a week and its already becoming one of the hottest eateries in the city.  Small and discrete with no signage at all, but the small "746" to denote its address. 

The interior is ultra modern and sleek, you almost forget you're in a bakery.  I actually came here on the weekend in hopes of scoring a couple of the highly prized pastries, but was shocked to find that by mid afternoon most of the popular pastries were already sold out.  So I put Plan B into effect - arrive here around opening on a weekday and treat myself to some decadent noshings before work.  I highly recommend coming here as early as possible.  Not only is everything fully stocked and laid out in gorgeous detail, but you can fully appreciate the interior space and the pastries without the crazy masses of people.
Adorable cakes (they call it a cube cake, but I'm not going to get mathed out and say it can't be called a cube because cubes are made of 6 square faces) made with intriguing flavors such as black sesame, Earl Grey, and even Vietnamese cinnamon.  Cakes can be purchased whole for around $28 or per slice for around $6.  This is definitely on my list of things to try on my next visit here.
The croissants, muffins, and flaky pastries are lined up on the counter as you walk in.  The eclairs and cakes are kept inside the side counter.

Everything looked so tasty and perfectly made that I wanted to try them all, but Tartine rivaled prices, as well as a time constraint, only allowed me to choose my top two.  One that I had my eyes on before coming in was The Rebel Within.  It's located on the front counter with all the muffins.
The Devil Inside, along with more chocolate items, are stored in the refrigerated side counter.
Easily overlooked as just an ordinary biscuit muffin, The Rebel Within is made of a sausage and cheese biscuit wrapped around a sous vide egg with a runny yolk.  It took me two tries to get my hands on one of these fantastic biscuits.  Definitely come before 10a if you are looking to score one.  Fluffy and savory, this biscuit is worth the effort.  I only wished that it was served a little bit warmer.

I can see it being even more tasty if I ate it whole, but I had to slice it open just to marvel at this edible work of art.
With only 3 more days of foie gras left, I'm desperately trying to savor all these innovative creations that have popped up due to the upcoming ban.  The Devil Inside pastry at Craftsman & Wolves immediate shot to the top of my list for this week.  The pastry/cake is made of chocolate, toffee, and foie gras.  

Rich, dense, and super decadent makes it a pastry best shared unless you have a huge glass of milk to wash it down.  The chocoholic in me was easily satisfied by this, but the rest of me wondered where was the foie gras? 

Address:                        Craftsman & Wolves
                                              746 Valencia St.
                                              San Francisco, CA

Type:                        bakery/American
Popular chomps:  Rebel Within
                                              Devil Inside

Chomp worthy:      Rebel Within
                                             Devil Inside    

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