Dreyer's Girl Scout Ice Cream - Thin Mint & Samoas

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Girl Scout cookie season is over (insert sad face here).  When that happens I regularly check the ice cream aisles (usually Safeway) for the next best thing!  Girl Scout cookie ice cream!  It's not offered year round, but I like to stock my freezer with some of their goodies to tide me over until cookie season hits again next year! 

 Dreyer's Girl Scouts Samoas Ice cream.  My #1 favorite girl scouts cookie in a creamy form with swirls of caramel and Samoas cookie bits.

The Dryer's Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookie ice cream is chocolate based with the thin mint cookie bits mixed in.  It's not as minty as the actual cookie, but its enough to satisfy the girl scout cookie cravings for a while.

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