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I LOVE honey toast!  After having my first encounter with this delightful Asian dessert at Ichiza in Las Vegas (see post HERE), I've been hoping that it would make an appearance in the Bay Area.  Finally after many years of waiting, it appeared on the dessert menu at Akiba in the Richmond district of San Francisco.

Akiba serves up some crepes and other savory dishes, but most of the people come here for their honey box (toast).
The menu is a little hard to decipher since there are no pictures.  They offer two styles of honey boxes:  a soft and regular.  The soft, according to the waitress, is not as toasted.
I decided to try a spam musubi since the toasting of the honey box takes some time.  The spam musubi here is really amateur.  Its just a slice of spam on top of some plain rice.  No flavor or toasting at all! 
Finally for the Shibuya style honey box.  It comes with a choice of two scoops of gelato.  I chose strawberry and vanilla.  This was new to me since the one I had at Ichiza only had vanilla ice cream and no fruit topping.  As much as wanted to like this dessert so I didn't have to fly all the way to Vegas to satisfy my craving, it wasn't good at all.  First of all, the bread isn't hot or toasted well.  Most of the outside of the bread is quite soft.  Since the bread isn't that hot, the gelato doesn't really melt into the bread.  Also, there is hardly any honey in the dessert.  It's really lacking that sticky sweetness from the honey drizzle. 
Another difference between this and the honey toast in Ichiza is the inside.  At Akiba, they cut up the bread into jenga type pieces and at Ichiza they just cut it into quarters.  I prefer the Ichiza way so the ice cream/gelato melts into the crevices of the bread.  A little disappointed, but I guess this might acutally force me make my own honey box.
Address:                          Akiba
                                                3141 Clement St.
                                                San Francisco, CA

Type:                                  Asian/dessert

Popular chomps:    Shibuya style honey box

Chomp worthy:          nothing    

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