Keiko a Nob Hill

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I was saving to eat at Keiko a Nob Hill for a special occasion so I think the last day of foie gras seems pretty appropriate.  Keiko a Nob Hill has two rooms.  The dining room serves the tasting menu only and the other  serves the a la carte items.
Keiko's signature foie gras as well as her tasting menu is all the buzz lately.  At $85 dollars this tasting menu is a steal compared to other SF tasting menus.  I wouldn't be surprised if Keiko a Nob Hill was awarded a Michelin star in the near future.

A modern take on split pea soup.  This amuse bouche was made of three layers of sophistication.  The top layer was creamy and foamy with a layer of warm pea soup and ending with a chilled minty finish.  The bean bavcarois was a firm green jelly with a strong green bean flavor with hints of bacon.   

A delicate dish with so many complex flavors.  Soy marinated tuna tartare with a runny quail egg and a squid ink chip.  The avocado and wasabi ice cream was bursting with rich avocado flavor.  

The seared foie gras dish with espresso sauce is Keiko's signature dish.  The richness from the foie balanced well with the bitter espresso sauce.  A dollap of artichoke and sweet potato puree helped to clean the fattiness from the palette. 
Fluffy, brioche buns were perfect vehicles for sopping up the leftover drippings from the foie gras.
The lobster ravioli supplement was buttery, rich, and decadent.  The two plump pieces of lobster claw and chunks of porcini mushrooms soaked up the butter sauce well.  One large ravioli stuffed with shredded lobster was the prize at the bottom of the dish.  A squirt of parmesan foam gave the dish a strong sharp flavor.  A well executed dish, but nothing exciting for me.  It was probably my least favorite of the meal.
Delicate slices of black angus rib eye and eggplant layers with the freshly shaved black truffle ($30 additional) option.  I love the smell of freshly shaved truffles.  The earthy smell and taste took this dish to a whole another level.  The beef was so tender and succulent.

The Fourme D'Ambert cheese is wrapped with a fig inside the flakey phyllo pastry.  The French cheese flavor reminds me of blue cheese, but its pungent taste paired well with the fig for a sweet and savory combination.

The dessert was so beautifully presented, it was hard to believe there were so many components to this dish.  Chocolate mousse, strawberry ice cream, strawberry sorbet, meringue, and mascarpone cheese are just some of the delicious parts.  My favorite was the little jellies that gave this dessert a fruity, refreshing, and fun ending. 
I've never been one to turn away a pastry that I've never seen before.  Originated from the Bordeaux region of France, the cannele bordelais are one of the most difficult French pastries to make.  The waxy looking coating of the pastry is actually beeswax.  A firm, but custardy filling is enclosed with a thin crisp shell.  The server let me in on a secret that you can actually buy these from the restaurant, no minimum order needed.

Address:                         Keiko a Nob Hill
                                               1250 Jones St.
                                               San Francisco, CA  

Type:                         Japanese/French             

Popular chomps:    tasting menu/foie gras with espresso sauce

Chomp worthy:        tasting menu
                                               foie gras with espresso sauce        

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