Pizzeria Mozza

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I've been hearing things that Pizzeria Mozza is better than my beloved Delfina Pizzeria.  I finally made a trek down to Southern California to taste it for myself. 
Celeb sightings and valet parking make this pizzeria very LA and the pizza here is almost as good as Delfina Pizzeria.
I cannot say no to burrata in any shape or form.  Lucky me, one of the few appetizer dishes did happen to have burrata.  Burrata crostone with swiss chard, spring onion & Balsamico ($9).  A soft bundle of heaven plopped onto a rather large toasted slice of bread made it a little hard to share.  Really tasty flavors with a hint of sweetness from the spring onion and vinegar.  The spring onion is a little hard to eat in pieces since it does not cut well.
The fennel sausage is handmade in the restaurant, which apparently is unique here in LA, but pretty common in San Francisco.  A deceptively thin pizza with a fluffy, bubble crust topped with fennel sausage, panna, red onion & scallions.  Again, a lot of sweet notes from this dish from the fennel and the sausage.  The sausage was surpringly sweet and delicious.  Most fennel sausages I've had prior were on the savory/salty side.  Overall, this pizza was good, but what makes the pizza is the crust.  Not usually a fan of the crust, I took a nibble of it before taking a bite with all the ingrediants.  The crust is buttery and chewy with a crispy outside.  It's a total contrast to their bland breadsticks served in the beginning of the meal.

I decided to spring for the more expensive/fancier margherita pizza, which was topped with mozzarella di bufala, tomato, genovese basil & extra virgin olive oil ($20).  The regular margherita pizza is made with regular mozzarella, basil and tomato ($14).  The tomatoes gave this pizza a very sweet taste, which I thought to be a tad too sweet.  What makes the pizza delicious here is the crust and the fresh ingredients, but I'd still choose Pizzeria Delfina's margherita pizza over this.

Contrary to the pizzas, the butterscotch budino was not as sweet as I expected it to be.  Served with rosemary pine nut cookies, this dessert was creamy with hints of salty flavors from the sea salt.  Not rave worthy, but a nice way to end the meal. 

Address:                       Pizzeria Mozza
                                             641 N Highland Ave.
                                             Los Angeles, CA

Type:                               pizza

Popular chomps:  butterscotch budino
                                             zucchini blossoms
                                             fennel sausage pizza

Chomp worthy:      margarita pizza (mozzerella di bufalo) 
                                             burrata crostone 

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