Wing Wings

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Is it me or are wings and anything with fried chicken popping up everywhere?  Wing Wings offers some affordable wings with a late night option on the weekends (open till 2a).
Their menu.  It includes items from The Creme Brulee Cart and Three Twins Ice Cream (located down the street).  The small size of wings (5 pieces) has a choice of one sauce and the large and jumbo has a choice of two sauces.
Wing Wings list of sauces and descriptions for their wings. 
They have 3 types of fries here:  seasoned fries, gravy fries, and chili cheese fries.  The gravy fries comes with a white gravy smothered over thick cut seasoned fries.  I didn't really care too much for the seasoned fries.  They were a little too sweet for my taste.  The flavor of the seasoned fries and white gravy didn't work well.  The sweet and salty didn't work well in this dish.

The Angry Korean sauce was sticky and sweet with a slight kick, but it was mostly on the sweet side.  The sauce was really similar to Gochujang sauce (the red colored  Korean sweet and slightly spicy sauce).  The chicken itself is meaty and well cooked.  These were my favorite of the three choices I had.

Opening this box, you can smell the orange on these orange miso wings.  These wings had a very sweet scent so the possibility of being overly sweet worried me a bit.  They turned out to be sweet and tangy, but still delicious.  I didn't taste any miso flavor though.  There are 5 wings to a small order, but I got lucky and found six in this box.  Score!

 Their signature wing wings flavor was the thinnest of the sauces I ordered.  You can taste more of the fried bits of the chicken and their crispy texture.  The sauce is on the sweeter side with a very small hint of spicy.  Decent, but I probably wouldn't order it again.

 The chicken salad on a biscuit is $3 here.  When I ordered it, I noted it was really cheap and a good deal.  Only after I got home did I realized how tiny it is.  About two inches on each side, it could probably be demolished in 3 large bites.  The biscuit here is not fluffy, but more on the dense side.  It was pretty tasteless as far as biscuits go, but the chicken salad was fresh tasting with bits of celery for an added crunch.

Again, another biscuit that was more dense than soft and fluffy.  The brown sugar salt and pepper biscuit is heavily coated in a layer of sugar that gives it a tiny crunch.  Reminded me of a churro in taste, but dense in texture like a brownie.  Creative.

Address:                        Wing Wings
                                              422 Haight St.
                                              San Francisco, CA

Type:                        American/chicken wings/late night

Popular chomps:   Angry Korean wings
                                              Miso orange wings
                                              brown sugar salt and pepper biscuit
                                              fried oyster mushrooms
                                              gravy fries
                                              chicken salad on a biscuit          

Chomp worthy:       angry Korean wings
                                              miso orange wings         

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