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My newly found obsession with Taiwanese snow ice (called shaved snow here) was one of the reasons I made this trek down to Southern California.  Class 302 seems to be the popular consensus on best snow ice in California.
Class 302 is located in a Ranch 99 plaza and somewhat hard to decipher if you don't read Chinese.  Luckily I was able to whip out my preschool level Chinese and decipher the first two characters.  However, if you don't read, when facing Ranch 99 it's located on the left side.  There are also outside tables filled with people eating their shaved snow.
Class 302 serves up a small menu of Taiwanese soups and dishes in addition to its popular shaved snow.  Even in the middle of the afternoon, I noticed that most of the tables had at least one shaved snow dessert.
The menu is a little confusing.  There are actually 2 pages of shaved snow items.  This page is the signature shaved snow page with set combinations and there there is another page that shows all the topping and drizzle options if you choose to customize one.  This page does a pretty bad job of explaining what actually comes with the combinations so I suggest staring really hard at the picture or asking the waiter. 
Originally I wanted to pick 2, but a heavy lunch only allowed me to choose one.  Chocolate strawberry combination shaved snow.  By the name of on the menu I thought it would be chocolate or strawberry (or a combination of both) snow, but actually its milk snow ice with drizzles of chocolate syrup, condensed milk, and sliced strawberries.  This is where staring at the picture on the menu would have helped me out a little more.
The portions at Class 302 are a lot larger than what I had at Fluffy Snow in San Francisco.  (see post HERE).  Also, I liked how it was a curved dish rather than a bowl.  Having had the milk snow ice back in San Francisco, I found that Class 302's was more icey tasting and lacked the creamy taste I found in Fluffy Snow.  You really have to scoop the snow with some of the toppings to get a dessert feel.

The shaved snow here is definitely prettier and has better presentation than at Fluffy Snow.  The ruffles of the shaved snow are more apparent here.

Possibly due to the weight of the toppings, but I found the snow ice here to be more densely packed and it didn't have that light as air feeling when you scoop into it. 
The snow ice is still delicious here and satisfying on a hot LA day, but I'm still on the search for some extra creamy fluffy snow.

Address:                       Class 302
                                             1015 S Nogales St.
                                              Ste 125
                                              Rowland Heights, CA

Type:                                dessert/Asian/Taiwanese

Popular chomps:   strawberry and chocolate snow ice
                                              mango snow ice

Chomp worthy:        stawberry and chocolate snow ice      

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