Devil's Teeth Baking Company

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Sometimes I feel like I have days when my sweet tooth goes into overdrive...  That plus the allure of freshly made beignets was enough to get me to go all the way to Outer Sunset. 
Freshly made pastries and other baked goodies made it a little hard to choose what to get.  Fyi - Bicycle coffee is served here.

The beignets here are availabe Sundays only.  They are freshly made to order and given to you steaming hot in a bag of powdered sugar.  With a little shake of the bag, the fried pieces of dough are lightly covered in the powdered sugar and dangerously, but delightfully hot.  At a dollar a piece, the price makes it even harder to resist.  Don't make the mistake I did and wear black,when devouring these pillows of air.  I forgot how messy powdered sugar is.
The lightly coated powdered sugar beignets.  Delicious!
I was hoping the donut muffin would be as light and airy as the beignets, but it was more dense and heavy.  Love the cinnamon sugar coating though.  Churro flavored!
The cinnamon buns are gigantic here with layers of gooey cinnamon and sugar.  The best parts of the cinnamon bun were the caramelized bits of sugar stuck between the layers.  I wished the bun was lighter and fluffier.  

Address:                        Devil's Teeth Bakery Company
                                              3876 Noriega St.
                                              San Francisco, CA 
Type:                                bakery

Popular chomps:  cinnamon bun
                                              donut muffin

Chomp worthy:       beignets       

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