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After having some delicious foie from Naked Lunch (see post HERE), I decided to book the foie tasting for their restaurant, Txoko.  Only 5 more days to savor the last bites of foie, so I've been scrambling to get my last bites of foie in.  For the last Tues and Thurs of the month, Txoko has a $65/pp 4 course foie gras tasting menu.
Even for weekday dinners, Txoko was fully booked.  Although, majority of the tables seemed to be indulging in the foie tasting meal.

The first course of the foie tasting meal was the "salt cured foie gras torchon".  From left to right: salt cured foie gras torchon, dates, toasted almonds, and duck confit salad.  The foie gras was placed on a small toasted bread that was salty and savory.  Each bite melted in your mouth and made me wish for another.  One thing I've noticed at Txoko/Naked Lunch is their foie gras is savory and delicious, but too rich.  Most foie gras I've had, it becomes too rich for me after a couple bites, but at Txoko/Naked Lunch the foie taste in my mouth makes me yearn for more.  The syrupy sweetness from the dates complimented the sweet notes of the foie gras. Besides the foie torchon, the duck confit salad was the other standout of this dish.  Salty bits of the duck confit made my mouth salvitate for more.  That is a seriously good salad. 
Close up of the foie gras torchon. 
"Foie gras a la plancha".  A seared piece of foie gras resting on top a toasted bread with slices of piquillo pepppers for sweetness and shredded crispy potatoes for crunch.  I felt a little jipped to know that two courses in a row were similar in style - foie on a toasted bread.  This dish was a little sweeter than the first dish (more savory) due to the piquillo peppers and the corn syrup.  This dish was good, but it was my least favorite dish of the meal.    
"Pan Roasted Muscovy Hen Breast".  The hen had a slightly crispy crust with super tender, juicy meat inside.  Well cooked, but I was hoping for some in-your-face foie taste.  I loved the lentil and wild mushroom underneath the hen.  The only foie thing on this dish was the foie sauce, but it didn't have a strong foie flavor.  If I hadn't know it was a foie dressing, I would never guessed it had foie in it.  A good dish, but not a good foie dish.

The foie gras ice cream was possibly the most interesting and anticipated dish on the menu for me.  It was topped with flecks of sea salt and fresh apricot compote and whole wheat sable cookie crumbles.  I was only able to taste a small savory component in the first couple bites of the ice cream.  Not really a foie taste, but more of a rich, fatty taste and after taste in those few bites.  Each of the parts of this dish were tasty - the apricot was fresh and flavorful, but not exciting if you were expecting foie. 

Address:                        Txoko
                                              504 Broadway
                                              San Francisco, CA  

Type:                                Basque/Spanish

Popular chomps:    foie tasting menu

Chomp worthy:        foie gras torch with duck confit salad        

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