Sanders Potato Chip Chocolate Bar

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On my way to get a sandwich for lunch at Schaub's in Palo Alto, a chocolate candy bar caught my eye.  I've had chocolate dipped potato chips before, but never in a chocolate bar.  I remember loving the salty taste and crunchy texture mixed with sweet chocolately goodness.  I sort of hoped that this would rekindle some of those great chocolate memories and tastes.

The bar itself is quite large.  I liked how it was sectioned off into breakable and bite size pieces.  The chocolate is rich and velvety, but there wasn't many potato chips pieces mixed it.  Not sure if the chocolate absorbed most of the salt in the mixture process, but there were no salty bits.  Once in a while I would bite into a chunk of potato chips, but that just reminded me of the crispy bits of a crunch bar.  Sad...

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