Taco Bell

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Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Tacos supreme has been tempting me for a couple months.  Apparently it broke records and sold 100 million tacos in just 10 weeks so I finally broke down and had to try it for myself.  It's a taco surpreme (beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, reduced fat sour cream) in a shell made from Nacho Cheese Doritos Chips.  True to any fast food, the taco was only half stuffed and they forgot the sour cream.  Besides that, it was just a regular taco with a hint of nacho cheese flavor.  Not sure if mine was a fluke (since I only ordered one), but the bottom of the taco got soggy and decided to collapse halfway through eating.  At 110 calories and around $1.29 a piece, its a fun twist on the Taco Bell taco.  Now only if they had Cool Ranch and the other Doritos flavors...

The Beefy Nacho burrito is a recent addition to their Doritos chip craze.  Not exactly an earthshaking new product, like the Doritos taco, since Ron Stoppable in the Kim Possible series sort of invented it, then Baja Fresh did its take with their Nacho Burrito like 5 years ago.  At 99 cents, how could I not try it?  It's a small burrito filled with beef, nacho cheese, sour cream, and chip strips all wrapped in a flour tortilla.  I wasn't really a fan of this new menu item.  The chips were way too soggy and were barely present in my burrito. 

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