Falafel's Drive-In

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The line for Falafel's Drive In is ridiculous, but it does move fast.  Also, it doesn't help that it was featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. 

A lot of people like the falafels here, but I don't think they are that great.  They are more like falafel 101.  They are dry, hard, and tasteless.  Another popular item here is the hot sauce, but I'd pass on that too.  The sauces here tend to be watery and runny.  That being said, the only thing I come back for here (and brave the line) is the banana milkshake.  It's not exactly creamy with an ice cream texture, more like somewhat icey, but the flavor is hardcore banana.  Almost, like a real banana just got smushed into your cup. 

Address:                 Falafel's Drive In
                              2301 Stevens Creek Blvd.
                              San Jose, CA

Type:                      Middle Eastern

Popular chomps:      banana shake
                               pita chips
                               falafel wraps with hot sauce

Chomp worthy:        banana shake

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