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The final bites of foie are quickly approaching.  I've been meaning to get the foie sandwich at Naked Lunch for some time now, but the countdown till July 1 has really pushed me to finally eat it.  Located next to Txoko on Broadway, this small lunchtime eatery is only open Tuesday through Saturday and is CASH ONLY.  Their signature foie gras and duck proscuitto sandwich is popular and often sells out! 
 Their menu changes daily, but their foie gras sandwich is a staple menu item - at least until the ban.

A bonus foie dish since the upcoming ban is approaching quick.  I've never seen more than one foie dish on the menu here.  So it was double my luck when I saw the housemade donut and seared foie with a banana brulee and bourbon maple glaze.  Each item eaten separately wasn't too different than what I've eaten in the past, but eating the items together gave a delicious combination of sweet, salty, and savory. 
I admit I was a little skeptical when I first saw it was a sandwich consisting of foie gras AND duck prosciutto.  Salt attack was the first thing that crossed my mind, but I was pleasantly surprised that the thin layers of foie were so well balanced with the duck proscuitto.  The tomato and lettuce gave a refreshing aftertaste to each savory bite.  Especially loved the duck prosciutto.  Full of flavor and the perfect amount of saltiness and texture.  Only gripe about the sandwich was keeping the foie and the proscuitto inside the sandwich.  Both kept slipping around, causing me to rearrange the sandwich after every couple bites. 

Address:                        Naked Lunch
                                              504 Broadway
                                              San Francisco, CA
Type:                                sandwiches

Popular chomps:  foie gras and duck prosciutto sandwich
                                             cinnamon sweet tea

Chomp worthy:      foie gras and duck prosciutto sandwich
                                             seared foie and housemade donut        

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