Fifty fifty coffee and tea

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Fifty fifty coffee and tea is a cafe that bridges San Francisco's love of fancy coffee and its fondness for milk tea.

I love the minimalistic design.  Its nice to find a place that serves pour over coffee in this neighborhood.

Along with the minimalistic design comes a very simple menu. 

I'm one of those people who have never gone gaga for milk tea even though I'm Asian.  The salted caramel milk tea, however, did bring out my curiosity.  I was really hoping for that salty bite in a sweet, creamy slurp, but I only got plain milk tea taste.  Didn't see much of a correlation to salted caramel in this drink.  Really cool concept though, just didn't execute well. 

Although the blended strawberry hot chocolate says hot, really its served cold.  I was thinking it would come out like Serendipity's frozen hot chocolate, but its more of a very liquidy shake.  It doesn't taste like chocolate at all.  Oddly, it reminded me of Nesquik's strawberry flavored milk (same color too!) with some fresh strawberries blended in.  Pretty good, but just wished there was some chocolate flavor to it.

Address:                Fifty fifty coffee and tea 
                               3157 Geary Blvd
                               San Francisco, CA    
Type:                      coffee/cafe

Popular chomps:    honey coconut milk tea
                                salted caramel milk tea
                                blended strawberry hot chocolate                                

Chomp worthy:       blended strawberry hot chocolate        

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