Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

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The previous times I had been to New York, I've missed the Big Gay Ice Cream truck and I missed its recent trek to San Francisco, so I was pretty excited to see that they opened up a shop.  With the humidity above my tolerable threshold, I gladly jumped at the opportunity for something cold.

I'm not really a soft serve type of person.  I still haven't had Bi Rite's yet, but that's what they are known for here.  Had I not been stuffing my face all day, I would have loved to try the Bea Arthur, but I stuck with just the Salty Pimp.

Salty Pimp is vanilla soft serve dipped in chocolate.  Salty bits and dulce de leche were pleasant surprises in each bite.  Loved the nifty cone holder, which came in very handy in this heat.

Address:                    Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
                                   125 E 7th St
                                   New York NY
Type:                          ice cream

Popular chomps:        salty pimp
                                    bea arthur

Chomp worthy:           salty pimp      

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