Gioia's Pizzeria (SF)

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I'm attempting to do Pizza Mondays in honor of football season (also, its a good excuse to try more pizza spots!).  Hopefully, I'll be able to scrounge up enough good pizza spots to keep it going.  Any suggestions are welcome!
I'm a week late into the season, but I figured the three pizza places in New York sort of made up for the first week.  First up, is Gioia's in San Francisco.  So Gioia's in Berkeley (see post HERE) is one of my favorite slices in the Bay Area (pies are also available to go at the Berkeley location), especially their Funghi (mushroom) pizza.  After opening up a restaurant in the city, its been on my list of spots to try, but somehow never got checked off.
Gioia's in the city is more of a sit down casual restaurant that reminds me a little of Pizzeria Delfina in the look and feel of the restaurant and menu.  Side dishes like meatballs, salads, and pastas are offered, but the pizza is the main attraction.  Like the Berkeley location, the funghi, cheese, and even the Julian are offered here.  Having my mind set on the mushroom, I was able to pick up an 18" pizza to go.  The prices do seem a little higher than the Berkley location, but that's almost a given being in the city.   

I was glad to see the pizza look the same with the thicker sliced mushrooms and golden thin crust.  However, the crust was on the soggy side and didn't have that nice crispness I fell in love with at the Berkley location.  Even with an extra toasting in my oven, the taste still seemed off.  Its a little sweeter either from the sauce or the actual crust.  I definitely prefer the Berkeley location over this one. 

Address:                  Gioia Pizzeria (SF)
                                 2240 Polk St.
                                 San Francisco, CA

Type:                        pizza, Italian

Popular chomps:      Julian

Chomp worthy:         nothing 

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