Phil's Fish Market & Eatery

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Phil's Fish Market & Eatery is a bit of a drive from San Francisco.  Almost a two hour drive, its shamefully not the farthest I've driven for food. 

There are so many seafood choices here.  Not only do they have a huge regular menu, but along an extensive list on the white board right before you walk into the restaurant, where you can find the lobster roll listed.

Besides seafood, this area is most known for artichokes.  Driving south you pass many places artichokes cooked many ways.  You can never go wrong with deep fried artichoke hearts.  The batter is golden and crispy with a steaming hot fresh artichoke heart.  It comes with a garlic ranch sauce, which makes this dish even better. 

The cioppino comes with a side of salad, which usually would be good noshing for me, but I needed to save room for all the seafood.  Plus, who eats salad when you are feasting on all this seafood?

The thing to get here is the cioppino.  There are two sizes available.  One recommended for two people ($45) and one regular size.  The regular size is huge and I think a good shareable size, especially if you plan on ordering more things.  Considering the seaside location, I had a higher hopes for the cioppino.  I'm not exactly sure why this cioppino isn't rave worthy.  There is a decent amount of seafood (fish, mussels, crab, scallops, etc), but the taste of the broth was just average.  Not the best cioppino I've ever had.  I prefer the cioppino at Anchor's Oyster Bar (see post HERE) in the city, which makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  Phil's get an okay from me.

By itself, the toast was nothing special, but as a medium for sopping up the cioppino it proved its worth.

I love clam chowder and I order it almost everywhere.  And with a bread bowl, even better!  Surprisingly, this bowl was a little disappointing.  Took a couple digs around with the spoon to find a clam.  Plus, I couldn't help but taste the roux in the clam chowder so it gave the soup a flour taste.  Also, the bread was barely toasted.   

I was pretty excited to discover another lobster roll in the Bay Area I haven't sunk my teeth into yet.  A little skimpy on the lobster and dressed in a little too much seasoning.  Add in the soggy bread and I was not a happy camper.

Address:                   Phil's Fish Market & Eatery
                                  7600 Sandholdt Rd.
                                  Moss Landing, CA 

Type:                         seafood

Popular chomps:       cioppino
                                   lobster roll
                                   clam chowder
                                   fish & chips
                                   fried artichoke

Chomp worthy:          fried artichoke     

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