Pies and Thighs

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Originally, I had hoped to bike to Pies and Thighs in Williamsburg, but this New York humidity is too much for a Bay Area girl like me.  I'd probably recommend biking here since the streets are quite flat and the bike ride would work off the heaviness of this Southern brunch.  As most brunch places go, Pies and Thighs does not take reservations, but since most of New York doesn't seem to do brunch until after 12, anytime before 12 you should be able to walk right in and sit down.

Most of the main plates come with a choice of one side:  mac and cheese, baked beans, cole slaw, biscuits, grits, etc.  The fried catfish was well seasoned with a good crispy crust.  Each of the macaroni pieces were nicely coated with gooey cheese.  Really good flavor on the mac and cheese with a nice splash of hot sauce on top.  The cornbread was just ok.  It wasn't as moist and flavorful as other I've had.

With a name like Pies and Thighs, the fried chicken is an obvious must order.  The chicken is lightly battered and rips apart to uncover steamy, tender chicken.  The chicken is absolutely delicious, but the waffles were strangely soft and somewhat soggy.  Also, the flavor was kinda strange to me.  I'd probably stick with the chicken box if I came back, which does not have the waffles.

It's hard to save room for dessert at dinner, much less at brunch!  Dessert here is a definite must.  The bourbon pecan pie is sweet and crumbly.  Surprisingly, not as heavy as I would have thought, but it was nice to end the meal with something sweet.

Address:                   Pies and Thighs
                                  166 S 4th St.
                                  Brooklyn, NY 
Type:                         brunch/Southern

Popular chomps:      fried chicken
                                 sugar donut
                                 pecan crunch donut
                                 fried catfish
                                 bourbon pecan pie

Chomp worthy:        fried chicken
                                 fried catfish
                                 bourbon pecan pie        

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