Luke's Lobster

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Luke's Lobster seems to be popping up all over Manhattan.  This tiny shack serves up some of the most popular lobster rolls in the city.

The lobster roll is buttery with huge, plentiful chunks of sweet lobster.  The roll was buttered and slightly toasted.  I loved how the lobster roll was no nonsense - just lobster meat and the buttered roll.  Luke's Lobster offers other seafood rolls as well - shrimp and crab, if for some reason you come into Luke's Lobster and realize that lobster isn't your thing.

Address:                  Luke's Lobster
                                 93 E. 7th St.
                                 New York NY 
Type:                        seafood/sandwich

Popular chomps:      lobster sandwich

Chomp worthy:        lobster sandwich        

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