Stumptown Coffee

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I've been drinking a lot of Stumptown cold brew lately in San Francisco.  Its slowly becoming one of my favorite drinks.  Surprisingly, San Francisco doesn't have its own outpost, yet, but New York does!  Stumptown is attached to the Ace Hotel in Manhattan and surprisingly opens late - at 7a!

The menu is simple, but it covers all the necessities.  Also, its a cash only establishment.

A small cabinet of baked goodies is displayed so when you look down, these sweet carbs stare you in the face.

Yum yum!  Cold brew coffee, my favorite!  Just as good as all the others I've had, but possibly even better.  A rich taste with a slight bite.  Love it, especially in the humid New York summer.

The mocha has a deeper chocolate flavor so its not quite as sweet as normal mochas.  It still keeps the velvety coffee flavor.

Originally, I wasn't going to have a pastry, but I couldn't help picking out this unique looking bun.  Its sprinkled with large chunks of sugar and generously filled with orange custard.  Not too sweet, rich, or heavy.  The thick texture and taste of the custard reminds me of a popular Chinese cream bun.

Address:                 Stumptown Coffee
                                The Ace Hotel
                                20 W 29th St.
                                New York NY
Type:                       coffee

Popular chomps:      cold brew

Chomp worthy:         cold brew
                                  orange custard brioche      

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